Purse Snatcher Convicted of Murder

Jose Luis Marquez, the man accused of the 2010 purse snatching that claimed the life of ASU student Kyleigh Sousa, was convicted of first degree murder and robber this morning. Emotional family members and onlookers watched as the jury read the verdict.

Marquez was accused of trying to steal Sousa’s purse while she was outside a Tempe restaurant in May 2010. Sousa’s arm became entangled in the purse strap and she was dragged several feet and sustained blunt force trauma to her head. The injuries to her head were ultimately ruled as the cause of death. After a six month investigation, police arrested a 20 year old Marquez based off of a photo radar picture. The sentencing is scheduled to be help near the middle of December and Marquez could face up to 25 years to life in prison for his crimes.

Marquez is reported to have had a criminal history that involved shoplifting and other robbery charges.

Darth Vader’s Wife Gets Punched In The Face

Assault and Battery









An Englishmen who got physical with Darth Vader’s wife, didn’t know the power of the darkside or the police. Ikbal Hare was arrested in Walsall, England for an assault that occurred on September 20. Hare believed that his neighbor Darth Vader, previously known as Mark Nokes, was having an affair with Hare’s girlfriend. Amid a confrontation with Vader, and little knowledge of The Force, Hare swung at him and missed, punching Vader’s wife in the cheek. Hare fled the scene, despite being chased by several people, and was captured two days later at his girlfriend’s house.

Hare plead guilty on October 17 and was sentenced to 18 months of probation, 200 hours of unpaid work and an anger management course for the assault crime. If you have been arrested or accused of assault, or domestic violence, it is important that you obtain an experienced criminal defense lawyer from The Law Offices of Howard A. Snader, LLC in Phoenix who can fight for your rights and attempt to get the charges reduced to a misdemeanor assault or disorderly conduct. A criminal attorney can interview witnesses, put the alleged victim on the stand, argue for a dismissal, plea bargains, and do what it takes to keep you out of jail.


Husband Assaults Wife With Unconventional Weapon

Assault with a Sandwich

Lunchmeat and breadcrumbs were taken in for evidence after Larry Spurling attacked his wife with a sandwich in their Melbeta county home.

The incident occurred late Sunday night as the couple had engaged in a dispute. The victim claims her husband had consumed three 24-oz Natty Daddy cans as he ranted his resentment over the community they lived in.

The wife had apparently lost interest in the conversation and made the now regrettable mistake of fashioning herself a sandwich. As she walked into the bedroom is when her husband decided to make his move.

Reports say the 50 year-old Spurling pushed her to the bed, took possession of the sandwich, and began rubbing it in her face. Spurling then ran out of the home where police found him passed out on the lawn.

Police officials did not specify exactly what kind of sandwich was used in the attack, but reports indicate that mayonnaise was in fact smeared across the victim’s face.

As with any assault case, a sandwich attack may not do much damage to a person physically, but the resulting emotional damage and embarrassment can have lasting effects. If you have been arrested or think you may be accused of assault, do not go through the criminal process on your own. Contact an assault defense attorney with extensive experience handling violent crimes charges. Being charged with a violent crime can result in serious penalties and the possibility of imprisonment.

Fake Cancer Story Gets Woman One Year Sentence

Jami Lynn Toler will have to spend a year in Arizona State Prison after convincing coworkers, family, and friends with a fake cancer story in a scheme to steal money.

Toler told those around her she was suffering from breast cancer and needed a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction. She claimed to be uninsured and began accepting donations for the procedure. In all, she able to obtain over $8,000 from family and friends which she used for cosmetic plastic surgery instead.

Toler was sentenced to a full year behind bars as well as three years probation and the penalty of paying back the money she stole.

Normally in a case such as this the defendant would expect to receive only probation. The court felt due to the “great concern” and “appalling” nature of her actions that the normal sentence would not suffice.

After the sentencing, Toler showed remorse the deception by saying, “I am so sorry for violating the trust placed in me and so sorry for what I did.” She also claimed that she would work hard to repay the money she stole.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a crime, call a criminal defense lawyer who can help you get the justice you deserve. Like the defendant in this case, everyone makes mistakes and everyone is entitled to a fair trial.